Do I need a referral for physical therapy? If so, how do I get one?
  • The state of Wyoming, is known as a ‘direct access state’ meaning patients can legally see physical therapists directly, without a referral from their doctor. However, some insurance companies require a referral in order for therapy to be covered. In this instance, you may contact your doctor for a PT referral. Patients with Medicare are able to receive an initial evaluation from a physical therapists without a referral as long as their care is being managed by a doctor and the doctor’s information can be provided prior to service. For Worker’s Comp patients, it is highly recommended for the patient to have a doctor’s order.

Do I need a referral for occupational therapy, speech therapy, and/or cognitive rehabilitation?
  • Yes. Please contact your doctor to receive a referral for therapy services. The referral can be faxed, e-mailed, or hand-delivered. Contact Us
How much will therapy cost?
  • Treatment costs vary depending upon your health insurance benefits. Your insurance provider can verify your physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech therapy benefits; we encourage you to call prior to scheduling an appointment. Check out our Insurance Information page for more details.
How do I schedule an appointment?
How should I prepare for my first appointment?
  • Obtain a referral/prescription from your doctor if necessary (see above)
  • Compile a list of questions and concerns for your evaluating therapist
  • Bring a list of all current medications
  • Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork
What should I wear and bring?
  • Insurance card
  • Therapy referral if necessary (see above)
  • Valid photo ID
  • In case of a Worker’s Compensation claim or an automobile accident, also bring any case manager or insurance adjuster contact names, phone numbers, and claim number
  • Comfortable clothing that allows for movement analysis and observation. We have a changing room for your convenience.
  • Athletic shoes
What can I expect from my first visit?
  • Your first visit will last approximately one hour in one of our private treatment rooms and will include a comprehensive evaluation and initiation of treatment by a licensed therapist. Your therapist will review your medical history and any recent events which may have contributed to your current condition. Your evaluation will include an assessment of your current functional limitations, your abilities, and your goals. Your therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan including timeline and expectations.
What if I miss or need to cancel my appointment?
  • We strive to provide each patient with the highest quality of care while accommodating your schedule for your convenience. Therefore, we provide reserved time slots for each patient with a specific therapist in order to minimize your waiting and assure continuity of your treatment. Your consistent attendance of planned treatment sessions is imperative to your full recovery.
  • Please refer to our Cancellation and No-Show Policy for further details.
How long will my therapy sessions last and how many sessions will I have?
  • Your initial session will last approximately one hour and treatment sessions thereafter can vary from ~30-90 minutes depending upon your condition, needs, diagnosis, and plan of care. Our team of therapists provides one-on-one treatment to address your individual needs. Frequency and duration of therapy depends on your specific needs and will be discussed following an initial evaluation.