Strain and Counterstrain is type of manual therapy that utilizes a “passive positional release” technique that was originally developed in 1955 by Lawrence Jones, D.O. This hands-on treatment helps to alleviate muscle and connective tissue tightness by the use of very specific treatment positions held for 90 seconds. During this procedure, the involved tissue is “slackened” causing a relaxation of the spasm which, in turn, allows local areas of inflammation, trapped within the painful tissue to dissipate. Following the “release” there is an immediate reduction of pain and tension in the involved tissue. This relaxation aims to restore normal joint mobility and release other structures in the region that may have been compressed.

Many of our physical therapists at Teton Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation have been certified in the strain-counterstrain techniques by the Jones Institute. Please feel free to speak with one of them and inquire whether these specialized treatment techniques would benefit your condition.

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