Driving Assessments

Driving a car provides individuals with both independence and freedom. It is also the most frequently used mode of transportation for Americans. However, driving is a complex daily living activity that demands that the driver use multiple cognitive, sensory, and motor skills. Natural health declines associated with normal aging, as well as a variety of medical conditions and illnesses, can impair these skills, affecting a client’s ability to obtain or retain a driver’s license.

Our occupational physical therapists emphasize participation in daily activities and want to ensure that individuals are given every opportunity to enjoy the independence and freedom, for as long as possible. However, our occupational physical therapists are also responsible for ensuring the safety of all road users by making sure drivers have the skills necessary for safely driving and adhere to the road laws.

Our highly skilled physical therapists generate a profile of scores from a battery of tests given. This helps guide the clinical decision making and identifies the need to refer the client for other specialist assessments or treatment (e.g., to determine if the client’s vision can be further enhanced).

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